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Dr. Rosemary Ohre

Asaba, Delta State

Wow, one of the highs for me this year was meeting the Exceptional Moms crew and telling my truth as a widow. The place of good parenting cannot be separated from nation building and we all have a role to play to achieve the world of our dreams.

Dr. Josephine Awosika

Lagos, Nigera

Nothing obviously can take the place of a mother, when left alone in the crowd and rejected by others, she comforts us with a warm embrace. This is a noble platform and well needed at this time to raise responsible smart kids that can take their world by storm. Glad for the opportunity to inspire women to be all they have ever wished and Thank You Exceptional Moms Crew. Keep up the good work!

Dayo Oladele-Ilori

Lagos, Nigeria

Is a beautiful thing to be called mommy but for anything good to blossom, you have to pay a price. it takes an Exceptional Mom to raise an Exceptional child and that should be every moms focus. Thanks to Exceptional Moms crew for affording me the opportunity to express myself and connect with the world through my motherhood journey.

Mavi Isibor

Lagos, Nigeria

Parenting is a serious issue that has to discussed especially with our value system gradually being eroded. The place of motherhood in the society cannot be over flogged and we all have a role to play. This a noble Tv content that everyone should look out for and deeply grateful to the organizers of this program. It is a privilege for me to be a mother and thanks a lot Exceptional Moms crew for providing this platform through which women (mothers) can express themselves and share their life experiences as mothers indeed.

Onyinye Okocha

Lagos, Nigeria

Exceptional Moms is a fantastic Tv content that talks about motherhood, parenting and family values which is paramount for us to succeed. It is a platform to speak and learn from other moms. I lost my husband and was left with a few months old baby over eight years ago but today i own a baking business. You need to learn from peoples struggle/ story and Exceptional Moms offers you that opportunity. Thank you Exceptional Moms Crew for creating this platform.

Bar. Fummi Falana

Lagos, Nigeria

I was really excited meeting Exceptional Moms Crew. As we all know, there is no manual that teaches you how to be a good parents but with a platform like this, every information you need is available for you to change the narrative and do something meaningful with your life and family. If we all contribute our quota to humanity, generations yet unborn will reap the benefit of the beautiful seed that we sow today. Be futuristic in everything you do!